regina sepp.png


iā€™m a film director based in london but working globally.
i make fashion films, music videos, short films, commercials and online content.
my fashion background and interest in music tends to kick into everything i do.

my commercial clients are calvin klein, adidas, marie jo, bloomon and de zon festival.

i'm collaborating with production companies cake, mr.frank, pup agency, mamma soup.
iā€™m represented by kino moto, park village, free the bid, rui productions and pink oak.


my videos have been premiered at

showstudio.comfucking young! magazine, minimalzine, kaltblut magazine, booooooom tv and volt magazine.
they have been screened at the eye film museum, at fashion film festival milano and at south-african fashion film festival.

i love making commercial videos with artistic twist.